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by this girl... (jomaha)
at January 14th, 2005 (12:08 pm)

This is so...odd. i started saying shibby like a year ago, its my thing.. its my schtick!

Realtive Location: good ole london
Some of your favorite movies: hum.. momento was good.. to be honest monty python i kno, *sad*
Some of your favorite bands: razorlight, libertines, franz ferdinand, weezer, the killers, the streets... blah blah i could go on...
Past times: playin guitar, drinking.. lol thats basically it
Tell me a fun, amusing short story about yourself: im not all that good at story telliin.. hum could tell the story about laughing so much i lost control of my bla... nah maybe thats not such a good one *embaressed face*
Use "Shibby" in a sentence, and be creative!: im listenin to my friends band right now, and they are fuckin shibby..
Comic books? If so, state them: not really
What would you enjoy to do with your life: have fun... maybe find a million quid on the street, that could be fun (y)
Give me a smart quote: shit happens.
And give me some good song lyrics that appeal to you: 'im addicted to you...'
What do you think of The Mods (Erica and I)?: dont know u so i wouldnt comment, but i like mods
Finally, do you know what the blackspot sneakers are, and if so do you like them?: they are pretty cool